Pfsense for multiple servers and ip's

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    I'm currently learning to work with pfsense my universal firewall/router skills is nothing to brag about, barely know anything at the moment, and barely learned about it in school. I want to create a little webhosting with a few servers (co-located) behind a pfsense firewall. How does it exactly work with ip's?

    As far I know the best way to do that is the normal way with bridging? Am I correct? or can I when the lan is created use a switch and after that servers but won't they have problems with fetching the ip's (I think it's ARP that handles it will it cause trouble when behind pfsense or do I have to enable something?)

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  • How many servers?

    How many public IP addresses do you have?

  • @wallabybob:

    How many servers?

    How many public IP addresses do you have?

    The amount of ip's depends about 100 I think, maybe more later on. Amount of servers also depends, about 3 in the beginning and max 40 servers with a 500mbps connection.

    At the moment do not have the colocation yet, but I am planning.

  • there will be no problem with the amount of ip, just in case be sure have the same segment on the lan and the network mask, read about nat 1to1 or just in case that have less ip but have mores services, port forwarding


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