1-1 NAT / PAT from virtual IP on OPTX to LAN

  • I'm getting nuts :)

    I'm trying to get a PAT to work from a virtual IP on an OPT interface with success but the same PAT rule on the main ip of the OPT interface works.
    1-1 nat is also not working.

    So I've an OPT interface with 3 ips.

    1 ip is used as the main and the two others are configured as Virtual IP for this interface.

    PAT : ip1 (main) => lan | works.
    PAT : ip2 (virtual ip) => lan | don't.

    pfSense limitation ?


    edit :

    "Packet Capture" shows that the firewall receives the packets on the OPT interface but I don't see them going out on the LAN interface with the destination address translated.

  • Okey… don't get it.

    I disabled "Block private networks" and it solved the problem.
    Now I re-enabled it and it still works.

    Any ideas ?


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