VERY poor download speeds.

  • Ok, so fresh install of 2.1 x64.

    Just had 80/20 Fiber installed.

    Modem is synced with exchange at 76.07mb down.
    With modem directly attached to pc, I get similar speeds.

    However once connected to pfsense, with WAN in PPPoE, throughput drops to ~5mb download, but it still managed 17mbit up.

    MTU is set to 1458, as advised by my ISP.

    pfsense machine is:
    Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU E2140 @ 1.60GHz
    2Gb DDR2 Ram
    64Gb SSD

    Any ideas why performance is so bad?

    It should be noted that I had similar poor performance from my old 1.2.3 machine, which I put down to a combination of being a very old pfsense version, and a celeron processor.
    I was expecting these issues to disappear once replaced with (what in my opinion is) a total overkill specced machine, and a fresh install.

  • Well this issue has magically fixed itself, no idea why :S

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