500 Internal Server Error on Initial Wizard

  • I don't see how I can be doing anything wrong, but I'm not able to get through the initial configuration wizard.  On the step where you set the time zone and NTP server after I hit next, I just get 500 - Internal Server Error and I'm stuck there until I reboot the box.

    I've tried a couple different snapshots from the first couple weeks of June.  Are others experiencing this issue?  I did a search on the forum but haven't seen anything along these lines within the past couple months.

  • Did you verify the md5sum of the file you downloaded, and if burnt to disc, verify that the disc was burnt correctly?

  • Yes, and as I said I tried a few different day's worth of snapshots.

  • Have done this one several times with no problem.

    2.1-RC0  (i386)
    built on Sat Jun 8 06:42:11 EDT 2013

    (USB memstick image installed to USB Flash drive)

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