Quagga "no redistribute" bug

  • Hi,

    my last try ti fix this problem was not working (sorry for that again)..
    But I have still problem that OSPF is redistributing networks which it must not do.

    When searching for right syntax / perhaps order of them I found this bug message


    and it would fit:
    [2.1-BETA1][root@fw1.zws8.local]/root(8): ospfd -v
    ospfd version 0.99.21
    Copyright 1996-2005 Kunihiro Ishiguro, et al.

    My Problem:

    1. I define my public/transfer network which is used between my fw pairs of 2 buildings as non-redistributable (1st attached picture)

    2. I got this config file snippet:

    router ospf
      ospf router-id
      log-adjacency-changes detail
      redistribute connected
      redistribute static
      passive-interface em1
      network area
      network area
      network area
      distribute-list dnr-list out connected
      distribute-list dnr-list out kernel
      distribute-list dnr-list out static
      access-list dnr-list deny 5.145.xxx.0/24
      access-list dnr-list deny 5.145.xxx.0/24
      access-list dnr-list deny
      access-list dnr-list deny
      access-list dnr-list permit any

    but it does not work => 2nd picture => you'll thee both networks in OSPF routing table :(

    EDIT: btw… What happens with the "Area ID" input ? There is no separated list per Area ID so it seems useless... ;)

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