Pppoe conenction with mac spoof wont reconenct

  • im on the latest full install and i noticed when we create a pppoe interface and apply a mac spoof and then reboot the system to get the spoofed mac applied and during boot if pppoe isn't able to connect if isp link down or something else is wrong then it keeps trying to reconnect which is fine, but suppose if auto connect is disabled and we need to manually click connect button to connect then due to the mac spoof i get the below error in the system log and there is no attempt made to connect

    php: /status_interfaces.php: The command '/sbin/ifconfig '' link '90:f6:52:xx:xx:xx' returned exit code '1', the output was 'ifconfig: interface does not exist'

    probably its due to the spoofed mac its not able to find the interface, 90:f6:52:xx:xx:xx is the spoofed mac, not the actual one

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