Turn off logging for one interface

  • Hi, I am a first time poster and I apologize if I'm posting in the wrong section here  :)

    Is there a way to remove the logging from 1 interface only or perhaps at least remove logging of Default Deny logging on that interface?

    The reason I ask is because we have a setup with around 10 interfaces (virtual) and a lot of entries in the system log. I would like to get rid off the the logging for the Guest network which spams up the log.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Yes,

    put a BLOCK ANY to ANY rule on the guest LAN interface on the bottom of all other rules. So all traffic which is not allowed will be blocked by this rule and if you do not enable logging for this rule explicitly then it does not appear in your syslog.

    Yo can do this for specific ports, too.
    I created an alias containing different ports I do not want to log and then put this alias into the block rule and left logging disabled. So the default block rule on this interface just logs the more interesting ports.

  • Sweet! Thansk for the quick and seemingly absolutely correct reply :)

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