Problems forwarding ports on a Virtual IP

  • Hi All,

    I have the following problem: I have my pfSense box (2.1 BETA0) configured with a static WAN IP, and an additional virtual IP, I've allowed ICMP traffic so I can confirm if both IPs respond to ICMP Pings, which they do.
    I have no problems forwarding ports on my primary WAN IP with "Destination Addr" as "WAN Address". However when I try to forward ports on my virtual IP (by assumingly using the IP of the Virtual IP as the destination address), I can't get anything to work, automatically a firewall rule gets made to allow the traffic to the destined port/ip/interface but still no go.
    Am I using the correct method? Any Ideas or Feedback much appreciated!  ???

    Warm greetings from Curacao.

  • Hmn, small update:

    Seems to be working fine, however I can't seem to forward port 22.

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