Updating a 2.0.3 i386 setup to 2.1 RC0 amd64 doesn't work on i386 ;)

  • Just in case there was anyone with doubts that an amd64 update doesn't work on i386 based processor… I can confirm it ;).  Doh!  I can't believe I confused the server with another one that is amd64.  I definitely should have been extra careful with the manual update method through the GUI.  A warning would have been nice though :).  It was at home for a test of 2.1 so no harm done... just a few hours wasted on fathers day because of a complicated setup with FiOS and very limited headless server with bad USB Bios support.

    If anyone is curious... I left the update going for about 1.5 hours before I realized what I had done and rebooted it while it was still claiming the upgrade was being done.  It was passing traffic the entire time and had not rebooted yet before that but I couldn't login to it via SSH.  It seems the SSH service wasn't working for some reason.  After a reboot it complained about long something or another after the first boot section appeared.  All to be expected I assume.  I am curious if the 1.5 hour delay is because of the cross from i386 to amd64 or if it was really busy doing something like converting something.  I didn't have access to the console to know and ssh wasn't working.

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    It requires a manual reboot after such a switch because the binaries are 64-bit after the update, so the reboot can't fully complete since it can't run 64-bit binaries on a 32-bit OS.

    If the CPU and such support 64-bit then it will come up after the manual reboot, though you'd need to reset the RRD data.

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