Very Slow VLAN Routing and Squid+SquidGuard

  • Dear All

    I am very much confused about multi vlan and squid proxy. I established 3 vlans at LAN bce0 interface and dhcp server at these interfaces and enabled manual proxy at these interfaces. I allowed ping, ssh, dns, 3128 etc. This is a child pfsense which is connected with main pfsense. All leases are given succesfully but when it comes to browse internet, it gets stuck and do not ping the main FW. It pings its local gateway but cannot get out of it.
    When I remove Vlan, all works fine. I checked all posts, changed MTU at vlans and did almost everything but unable to overcome the issue. Client PF takes too long to resolve the DNS.

    Vlan152 –--------Client Pfsense with DHCP+ Manual Squid -------Main Pfsense with Transparent Squid ----- iNternet Cloud

    Please help.


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