Multi WAN Loadbalancing with 2 or more different pfsense machines

  • I know that I can make a pfsense Carp cluster, but in this scenario there is always a master and the other machine(s) are slaves and will only get live traffic when the master fails.

    My goal is to setup a loadbalacning between two or more pfsense maschines where all the members in the loadbalancing are live and the incoming traffic will be balanced between the machines in the loadbalancing cluster.

    I find in case of loadbalancing only articles about multi wan loadbalancing but they are all about one pfsense machine having 2 or more WAN NIC's that can then be grouped to balance the traffic beween them.

    My question now is: Can a multi WAN loadbalacing or something similar also be done between two or more different machines so that incoming traffic that is to much for one machine can be balanced over 2 or more physical or virtual machines.

    Thanls for your answers in advance

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