NAT with more Interface with same IP network range

  • Hello guys,

    I need your help for the configuration of my pfsense router and I feel very glad if you can help me. :)

    The situation is:

    we have few labs all with the same network range 10.248.11.x /24 (interface em1, em2, …), the interface has always the static ip
    and we have one server ( /24 ) in the proper network, which should be connected to all labs (interface em0) on the ip

    It's only important that I can reach this server from the labs.

    All interfaces are active.
    Firewall: NAT: Outbound is automatic activated.
    No configuration are set in System: Gateways and System: Static Routes.

    The currently route table is attached.

    I can ping from a device from lab1 (em1) through the router to the server
    But a ping from a device from lab2 (em2) does't work to the router

    I'm not sure how I should do the configuration for the gateways. Could you tell me some tipps?
    If you need more information, just ask me and I will answer.

    Thank you friends...  ;)


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