Traffic Shaper Queues stop working after internet outage

  • I have a network with 6 pfSense installs. Every location is connected via OpenVPN and I am using Quagga for routing. I have the traffic shaper setup to shape traffic on the HQ uplink to all the locations. I am having an issue when the remote location goes down for a period of time and comes back, the queue status for that location's queue on the HQ wan drops to 0 PPS and the traffic appears to not be shaped at all (choppy voice) until pfsense is restarted. SOMETIMES forcing the states to clear works, but only sometimes.

    It can go for weeks without correcting itself until I go in and restart it.

    What am I missing here? Is this a bug?

  • I am now running 2.1 and this is a problem that still plagues me. The internet connections have been really stable the past 6 months, but over the last  few weeks, we've been losing connectivity a lot. I have had to reset the HQ router every time to get traffic going to the correct queues again. I still have not found the actual cause or a solution.

  • Going to need some information to go on with examples of both states: working and not working (after down).

    ps aux
    any other pertinent logs

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