IPsec not working in lastest snapshot…

  • Greetings,
    i downloaded lastest snapshot (built on Wed Sep 12 20:54:34 EDT 2007) and install them to my 2 boxes. On both i cannot start ipsec service. IPsec log is clear and in system log is nothing about ipsec…

    Have anyone other same problem?

  • The service is started automatically when IPsec is configured and enabled. No need to start the service manually.

  • Yeah IPsec was broken yesterday and was reverted back today.

  • Thanks :)

  • Guys,

    I see several changes in the http://cvstrac.pfsense.com/timeline?d=8&e=2007-Sep-15 for IPSEC stuff.
    I guess this might be also related to my former question in this forum (IPSEC working with Zyxel 662) - NAT-T was brought in from m0n0 and is currently disabled again?
    Or is the FreeBSD natt patch doing the work automatically?

    I would like to follow the thoughts behind this and the racoon downgrades. Can sbdy please explain shortly or point me to the right source of information (blog, irc chat, …?) without taking too much of dev time. :-) I rather just sit and wait for the final solution than stealing people's time with silly questions.


  • I am using the following build without any issues.

    built on Thu Oct 18 15:19:54 EDT 2007


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