Issue identifying proper LAGG with two switches and bonded client NICs

  • I have a LAGG setup from two NIC ports that feed two separate managed switches (DGS-1210-24) that each feed into a server that ultimately bonds the connections from both switches.

    I cannot, for the life of me, figure out the proper LAGG/LACP setup and centos NIC bonding modes

    Here is the setup I have in a stupid picture:

              NIC1    NIC2
                  \        /
                  LAGG0                –-Mode?
      DLINK1p24  DLINK2p24    ---Mode?
                  \        /
                  BOND0                ---Mode?
              NIC1    NIC2

    I tried:
    LAGG0 - LACP(802.3ad)
    DLINK 1 and DLINK2 - LACP(802.3ad) - Port Trunking sw1p24 <--> sw2p24
    BOND0 - Mode 4 - (802.3ad)

    Does not work. I pull the plug on the first switch and all traffic halts and then starts doing weird stuff like 20000ms response time and so forth. Any ideas?!?!

  • Unless those switches are stacked, and support spanning LAGs across the stack, this will not work.

    Setup a LAG from GW to sw1 p1 & p2, then setup a second LAG from sw1 p3 & p4 to your Server.  Configure swtich 2 the same way, set it on the shelf as a spare for switch 1.

  • So nothing you are aware of actually goes 10gb?

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