PC Engines alix6f2

  • I am playing around with the PC Engines alix6f2, having spent most of my time fiddling with the more common alix2d2, I thought I would look at 3G.

    I have a couple of USB dongles (running the 3 network) an MF112 and a E160G, and these are USB external units, neither have worked to date, I also have a Telit HE910 which I am more interested in getting working.

    System appears to recognise the card, but I get no connection.  Ill post some log info later on, but in the mean time has anyone every tested or achieved a 3G connection using this particular board with PFSense?

  • Did you get the Telit module to work? We just ordered two of those, and the company selling them was very enthousiastic about the card itself and the support they could give.

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