Squid proxy installation

  • Hi

    I have PFSENSE 1.2 in my office with 512MB Flash card is used.
    I want to know that how to install squid proxy in my system.

    Please help me on this issue.



  • Because you use a flash-card i assume you use the embedded version.
    Embedded installs dont support packages.
    You need a Server on which you can install pfSense.
    Since you want to use squid i suggest you get lots of RAM.

  • hi

    now i ahve installed pfsense with 8GB hard drive and 512 MB ram, still when i access packages tab it saysthat failed to communicate pfsense

  • If you'd used the search function on the forum you'd have found a number of others with similar package install problems, and advise on resolving them :)

    In short, check your DNS and connectivity.  If you have a firewall or proxy in the way then that may be the source of your problem.

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