Lcdproc-0.5.6 randomly stopping

  • I've had this issue with past versions as well: My LCD screen (CFA-735 running with CFA-635 code) will display normally for anywhere between a few hours to a few weeks and then randomly, it will stop and only display:
    ##LCDproc Server##
    clients: 0
    screens: 0

    I only have the interface traffic screen enabled.

    In the past I've just made a cron job to restart the LCDproc service every few hours but I'm sure there is a better way to fix this. What log file would show me why this is happening? Is anyone else experiencing this?

  • Linkone, could you please tell me howto restart the lcdproc with cron?

    Thank you


  • I've had this issue since the beginning of me using pfSense & LCDProc (1-2 years).  I believe the issue is if one of the interfaces that the LCDProc client is monitoring, goes down or dissapears, then LDCProc client dies.

    I believe this is why my LCDProc client does not start at router start - the VPN interfaces aren't up by the time LCDProc starts.  A simple restart of the LDCProc service from the web console starts LCDProc fine.

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