Quick start to build pfSense 2.1 NanoBSD image?

  • I am aware of the classic NanoBSD script in FreeBSD. But I want to build pfSense 2.1 NanoBSD image with some kernel tweaks in my configurations (particularly some options as stated in https://calomel.org/freebsd_network_tuning.html and some extra packages like "msyslog" for remote logging and "ssmtp" to replace sendmail and with "options VIMAGE" + "options NO_LKM" and ezjail-current package. It helps to run HAProxy in a jail, without interfereing pfSense.

    Usually I create a conf file with the relevant kernel options and another with customized NanoBSD config and execute the NanoBSD script.

    pfSense 2.1 scripts seems different, so any docs/hints to achieve above? Any pointers shall be appreciated! Thanks!

  • Bump!!

    Can anyone point to any doc(s)/link(s) or provide hint how to customize pfSense 2.1 NanoBSD build with some additional stuffs as explained in the OP?

    Appreciate it! Thanks!

  • Okay; I sorted out two of my concerns, remote logging and ssmpt issue.

    How can I make some changes from pfSense source to add some of the additional features to NanoBSD image as stated in the OP?

    Any guide or pointer? Thanks!

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    Building your own image is not for the faint of heart.


  • Thanks, that is what I have been searching for.

    @jimp: But what made you think that I am one among the 'faint of heart'? ;-)

    Anyway, thanks for the pointer. :D

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