System log quit working after a panic reboot

  • Hello All,


    About a 2 year old install.
    For the first time since new build this machine "panic rebooted". The panic is on the dashboard page,logged.
    Since this has rebooted the system log is now empty. I did reboot this machine one more time after this to see if syslog would start showing any entries.
    When I do, in the command prompt an ps aux|grep syslog  it returns that syslog was started and is running at the time the machine was rebooted.
    Anyone know what I should be looking for next?

    Thank You,

  • Hi There
    A few things to try:

    1 - Check /etc/syslog.conf to locate the paths to your log files.  Default should be /var/log/..
    2 - Make sure your /var/log (or whichever you find in syslog.conf) filesystem is "OK", i.e. not full, writeable, etc.  A quick easy test would be to run "touch /var/log/system.log"
    3 - Using the "logger" command (I have this installed in /usr/bin/logger on my pfsense install), you can test the syslog interface to determine if there is an error:

    usage: logger [-46Ais] [-f file] [-h host] [-P port] [-p pri] [-t tag]
                  [message …]

    That should get you further.

    Oh - and do you have any sense of the reason behind the kernel panic?


  • If it comes to it, and you are on a full install, its much easier and painless to backup setting, reinstall pfsense, reload settings, reload any packages missing (all settings/rules will be retained) than to spend ages fussing with a glitch or trying to find an elusive error.

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    Clicking the "clear log" button on the system logs page would wipe the file and reinitialize it with a new, clean copy.

    Don't use "touch" on /var/log/system.log. It's a special clog file, not a plain text log. Using touch will break it if the file doesn't exist.

  • Thank You to the suggestoins made to the syslog problem. After looking a second time,,I noticed this time in the syslog it was showing something about" kernel/boot was a binary files".( one line of logging)
    I done a "Clear log" as suggested.
    This got rid of 'the binary file ' thing',,and system log is working again now.

    This machine actually panic rebooted ,again last night ,overnight,,,drove to the remote location where this pfSense machine resides to find one of the  case cooling fans had quit and the second case fan is barley turning so,,I'm sure it is overheating,,,not an pfSense/OS problem at all.

    Take Care,

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