Planet WGSW-28040 managed switch and VLANs

  • We are wanting to get a Gb VLAN capable switch and realistically want more than 8 ports (so 16 or 24 I guess). This Planet model is available in Nepal at a reasonable price. Other brands (like Cisco…) have their price marked up crazily in Nepal, if available at all, and buying 19"/bigger items in USA/UK/Europe and having someone bring them out can be a big hassle at customs. (Small personal laptops, APs, routers etc for home don't make problems, but carrying in something that looks like (and is) "business electronics" is a hassle).
    It would have a pfSense firewall/router on a "LAN" trunk port, with the other ports split up among various VLANs - standard sort of VLAN environment.
    Anyone used Planet with VLANs that can give some confidence that it will work?

  • I don't know Planet switch..
    The cheapest VLAN capable switch that you can find are HP 1810-24G, Netgear or Tp-Link

  • For the record:
    Planet FGSW-2620VM (24 100Mb + 2 1Gb ports)
    connected to Alix 2D13.
    Got it setup with 2 VLANs for ISPs going to a single WAN port. Various VLANs for local subnets going to OPT1. A VLAN for the main local subnet connected directly without tagging to LAN.
    Took a while to understand the web GUI of the Planet device and work out what some of the "English" meant. Don't buy one of these if you want a user-friendly setup GUI!
    Don't use VLAN1 for an ordinary client VLAN - it seems to insist on sending stuff from VLAN1 ports to/from all over. I gave up trying to find more knobs to tweak to keep VLAN1 in its place.
    In the end it does work - 2 ISPs are funneling through it to WAN, a bunch of internal subnets are on LAN and OPT1. And it was a reasonable price and available in Nepal.
    I have an all-Gb port fancier model coming soon, will give an assessment of that next week…

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