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  • Hello All,

    multi-wan  failover load balancing

    I done a search here of course first,but could not find any hits relevant.

    Has anyone here experienced any oddities when trying to browse nginx powered websites using pfSense-2.0.1.
    Sometimes when browsing these sites the page is all "scrambled,,and randomly get the "405 not allowed"/blank web page
    I did list a couple of these sites in the squid  bypass directive but this did not make any difference
    tried Firefox and Chrome both and they seem to randomly cause these oiddities in a  different fashion.

    here are a couple URL's to try

    I have read many postings in regards to the "put" and "post" being a problem in early versions of nginx core.

    Thank You,

  • Curious.
    Has anyone on list here tried either of the URL's i posted in the initial post of this thread?
    Our pfSense-2.0.1-RELASE  at both locations renders these websites,,,,either 'scrambled/overlayed', or  randomly gets a '405 denied' result.
    I wonder also if this could in fact be related to the database is running on these websites as even viewing at a non pfSense web browser location these sites take quite some time to set your 'search filters'.


  • This may have zero to do with it, but seems like most of the people who had issues were using dual WAN (or more)

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