DDNS with INWX.de in 2.1

  • Hi,

    inwx.de use a php api called domrobot.class with xmlrpc.
    I tried to add this provider but failed with 
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function xmlrpc_encode_request() in /etc/inc/domrobot.class on line 124
    Is there a possibility to add xmlrpc in pfsense and if yes how ?

    regards max

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    We use XMLRPC already in pfSense, but it may be a different XMLRPC client/library than they expect.

    I would be extremely careful touching anything in that area, as it's quite possible you'll end up causing some pretty major damage if something you add changes functions that the system expects to behave one way and suddenly they behave differently.

  • Hi,
    thanks for the answer;
    i found a solution to update the  nameserver for the host only with curl and a xml file.
    May be someone can help me to add this provider into pfsense in the right way.

    To find out the id from the host entry it is possible to send a "query" to the provider and get back an xml with members/values  and on is the right one …or over webif you are able to see the id.
    How do i parse the income xml on pfsense for the required info like id or status code; look like the xml file i post.

    here a example to change the ip

    curl -X POST -d @xml https://api.domrobot.com/xmlrpc/