Ipsec link routes from one office but not the other?

  • Been pulling my hair out - going bald anyway…

    But here is my issue.

    I have two offices that I am trying to link together.  I'm able to get the link up, and from one office i can see the other office but I can not do it reverse...  Example:

    office 1 -
    office 2 -

    From Office 2, I can see and communicate with Office 1.
    From Office 1, I am unable to see or communicate with Office 2.

    I set all the nat rules the same on both sides - the only thing different is phase 2 on the configs which is to handle the different IP ranges.  Any clues or what other info would be helpful to investigate?


  • quick update:
    I have changed nothing…..

    From Office 1, I'm now able to see the web interface of pfsense of Office 2.  I can even ping it too, but I can not go past pfsense.

    i have validated that  firewall--rules does have an entry in ipsec to allow all on both sides.


  • ugg…
    resolved it...  ap isolation was on .  I have a wireless router behind my pfsense as everything is wireless at the other office.. killed ap isolation and i can now get to all the systems behind it.

    hope this helps someone else.  :)

  • Yes - I learned not to use AP isolation.

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