NAT 1:1 with an exception

  • Hi
    we have 2 servers in our LAN that must be NATed 1:1 each one with his own external address
    however this 2 servers must access an external server with a third external address
    the configuration we are seeking is :
    NAT 1:1
    server 1 ( (internal) <–> (external)
    server 2 ( (internal) <--> (external)

    server 1 & server 2 --> port 25 ===> (external) --> port 25

    i configured the NAT 1:1 for both servers, then i added an outbound NAT toward the external server to use the third external address
    but it doesnt work, it seems that the NAT 1:1 have the priority

    is it possible ?


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