OpenNIC for pfsense DNS

  • Does anyone have much experience with OpenNIC DNS on pfsense?
    Its an alternative DNS system to what is widely used.
    Seems their main interest is to get away from ICANN and logging for a number of reasons.
    It seems to resolve everything without issues but without ICANN or government controls.

    I ran a list of these servers through benchmarks.
    They come up as faster that DynDNS, slower than OpenDNS but on par with Google's.
    No filtering, No redirects.  Seems solid so far.  (so far is only 2 days  :P)  Fast Reliable    Logs deleted hourly New Jersy  Fast Reliable    Logs Deleted daily New Jersy  FAST Reliable    Bind logging only Chicago  Fast Reliable    No Logs         Dallas TX  Reliable        Logs deleted daily Buffalo NY

    But I have exactly 2 days experience testing these on a PFsense box so though I'd ask if there are any horror stories or anything?
    I was just labeling some as fast or slow and reliable or not and location.
    My originals list was 2x as long but I immediately cut out the slow or unresponsive servers.
    (I got off on this tangent a couple days ago when my DynDNS was being unresponsive and making me wait forever)

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