Optimize IPsec speed

  • I have a 1 Gbps fiber port at my location and my remote location has a T-3 (45 Mbps)

    I am not achieving anywhere near that with an IPsec tunnel and the speeds are not symmetrical, albeit in the opposite direction as what I realize using open VPN (http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,64648.0.html)

    With IPsec configured between my side (1 Gbps, pfSense) and the remote side (45 Mbps, Cisco ASA 5510) I get about 10 Mbps when running iperf client on the Cisco side and I get a full 45 Mbps running the client on the pfSense side.

    Any ideas?

  • I've had all kind of issues with 2.0.x and even 2.1 with regards to IPSEC.  This is the reason I've stayed 1.2.3 for most sites; rock solid with required IPSEC connections.  Also, having to work with other VPN devices, IPSEC is standard use.  Try it and see if it helps you.

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