Incomming Web connections and Load Balancing

  • Hi!, I'm trying to load balance incomming HTTP connections to port 80 using relayd but I get the PFSense admin page instead of the desired web servers, is this a known issue?

    Id      Type            Name                            Avlblty Status
    1       redirect        FrontendWeb_0                           active
    1       table           webpool:80                              active (2 hosts)
    1       host                        26.29%  up
    2       host                        44.46%  up

    The public IP used for the Virtual Server is a CARP managed IP, it's not the interface static IP. Any suggestion?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Are you testing it from outside of your network, or inside?

    relayd uses NAT, so accessing it from the inside may not work as you expect.

    Either that, or the virtual server isn't set to use the correct IP address.

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