• This might be a dumb question, but for a lab setup to test before replacing our current Cisco 2800's I need to setup two pfsense routers and configure a IPsec site to site vpn so I can test Firewall ACLs/Rules to make the vlans on each end go to the proper ones.

    So how to I get the routers talking like there on the internet when they are just plugged in to each other? would I just statically set each WAN ip with the same mask?


  • Yes, if it is physical, then 2 pfSense boxes with the WAN ports connected together in a subnet of your choosing - I guess you can even use a crossover cable and make each one the gateway for the other, or connect to a switch in the middle. That obviously won't test the real routability/connectivity issues in real life for getting the VPN to connect, but it will test that the security settings, certificates… are correct at each end.

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