HE Dynamic Tunnelbroker DNS is not auto updating the endpoint

  • I have the problem with updating my IP on DSL connection.

    This problem I have for a quite long time.

    So when I router auto reconnects on DSL line, HE DNS is not detecting it and won't update HE with the new IP. My IPv6 HE tunnel gateway is down and I have to go manually to HE Tunnelbroker Dyn DNS settings and press "Save and Force update" button so everything updates after.

    I have no problem with other dynamic DNS daemons (FreeDNS, DynDNS) which updating IP without any problem, including one for the DSL line

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Is there anything in the logs about it when it tries to update?

    I have tunnels on two WANs (one DSL, one Cable) and it updates both OK for me.

  • Only useful part I've noticed is:

    php: rc.dyndns.update: phpDynDNS: updating cache file /conf/dyndns_wanhe-net-tunnelbroker'161044'1.cache:

    Where IP is a new one, which is not updated at the end.

    I have a last 200 records log here:


    Relevant event(s) are after Jul 22, 11:30, probably after
    Jul 22 11:48:18 php: rc.newwanip: pfSense package system has detected an ip change -> … Restarting packages.

    IPv6 Gateway: HeNetV6GWv6
    IPv4  gateway for it is WAN_DSL_PPPOE

    IPv6 tunnel ID is 161044

    Every time it happens, I see the message on dashboard:
    "pfSense has detected a crash report or programming bug. Click here for more information."

    I have a dump here:

  • Is your WAN IP address still pingable?

  • @gderf:

    Is your WAN IP address still pingable?

    You mean, if I have an ICMP enabled on it as per

    Yes, I have (and had) it enabled and new acquired IP (v4) on DSL WAN should be pingable. It is pingable now from inside and outside of my network

  • Actual problem was a Realtek 8111E (on Asus C60M1-I motherboard) causing numerous problems, including pfSense restarts. One of the WANs, the problematic one, was on this interface. Besides Intel dual gigabit LAN in PCIe slot.

    Temporarily installed a USB LAN for Nintendo Wii, disabled Realtek in BIOS and all problems are gone now. Will add a Cisco smart switch with VLANs as a permanent solution instead of USB LAN once it arrives.

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