[solved] routing between 2 networks with virtual IP

  • hello, I'm not managing to create routes between two separate networks

    here is my network diagram: http://i.imgur.com/paD2Kgj.jpg

    what i need is to access the storage from the computers with dhcp.

    i created a virtual IP Alias on the LAN interface, made the static route and the firewall rule to allow all on destination
    here is the routing table: http://i.imgur.com/oo2lWKq.png

    i'm able to ping the storage from the pfsense shell, but not from the webgui or the computers on the network

    did i miss something? thanks

  • solved:

    firewall > nat > outbound
    changed to manual
    and created a rule:
    translation ip: virtual ip alias

    then changed the gw to and added a static route

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