NAT Problem

  • Greetings.

    I have problem with NAT configure. Here are the detail on my setup

    I have 3 WAN 's interfaces (2 WAN and 1 LAN) . The purpose is for loadbalancing+ failover . I've follow the configuration from  and its works for load balancing and fail over .

    In my LAN i have 3 server need to access by the Internet . Unfortunately my natting doesn't working.

    Here is my NAT setting

    1. Select VIP –> CARP
    2. Select NAT --> Port Forward
    3. Create rule from WAN to LAN

    I've spent 2 weeks to find the solution

  • I'm using Pf 1.2Beta2 ….can anyone help me.......

  • could you post a screenshot of your NAT-rules?

  • Here is my NAT rules shoot

  • NAT looks fine for your WAN. What's the problem, it doesn't respond on the primary WAN?

  • Yup…its not respond internal and external....
    Do i need to put static route...

    Loadbalancing and failover working fine....

  • My current static route …do i need add static route for local LAN

  • Take out those static routes, they're unnecessary and could be breaking things.

    As it says on that page:
    "Note: Do not enter static routes for networks assigned on any interface of this firewall. Static routes are only used for networks reachable via a different router, and not reachable via your default gateway."

  • will try….but if not mistaken..if i have remove the static route , my failover will not working

  • Oh wait, multi-WAN slightly changes that. I'm not sure what they say or what they're for since they're blurred out, if they're so you access DNS servers through the correct WAN interface, then they're correct.

  • Hello everybody!
    I'm new in pfSense (in linux at all), but based on tutorials, and some experience with CoyoteLinux and BrazilFW linux (booth mini-distros), 2 weeks ago I installed pfSense to a Pentium 233 MMX/128MB/1,5GB PC. I have 2 links for internet, booth from the same provider, booth are ADSL lines, oane is on WAN (PPPOE) and the other is static (from my router-modem) OPT1. The load balancing works fine, and the failover works very fine, too.  But I don't know how to set up the port forwarding, I need access from the internet to an internal WEB/FTP server. So please if you are able, help me to set up the port forwarding in pfSense. I will give you all the informations, about the settings on the pfSense, only tell me what you need please.
    Thank you very much.

  • Hi .

    Its seems you having problem like me. My load balancing and fail over working fine . But got problem on NAT and port forwarding .

  • may i know which website you are referring to to setup lb+failover

  • Can anyone help on this problem. My NAT still not working…

  • Hello guys!
    Well, I reinstalled my pfSense, and still have dual-wan configuration, but now I configured it with static WAN IPs (for WAN and OPT1).
    Now everything works fine. So at this time I setted up in modem-router mode my ADSL modems  ;D
    But the problem is that the modem router is not able to handle so many connections …
    I plan to install 2 old PCs for router only (pfSense or other ...)
    So with static WANs configuration, based on tutorials it's all OK  ::)

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