Copy rules from one interface to another?

  • As part of my setup I'm using a Poweredge 1650 with 2 onboard 1gb interfaces and two dual port add on cards for a total of six interfaces. I have the interfaces configured and all verified working properly, one being the WAN interface visible to the rest of the company network and the other five being used to segment the the users based on which building they are occupying.

    My question is this: Is there a way I can copy the completed ruleset from the first LAN interface and apply it to the other four? I would like them all to be restricted equally, but have ten to fifteen rules I'd rather not recreate four more times if it can be avoided.

    Thanks for any help, and thanks for this great software.

  • Download the config. Copy / paste the rules and edit to reflect the interface. Restore the config.

  • You can do that, but it's much easier to just click the + to the right of the rule you want to copy, which lets you add a rule based on that rule, then change the interface and hit save, and you're done.

  • Excellent, thank you very much. Using the "Create rule based on this one" button worked perfectly. Thanks for the suggestion of copying the config files too, rsw.

  • No problem. I was under the assumption you have a lot of rules you wanted to copy quickly and I figured just copy/pasting in the config was the fastest method. But yeah the create rule based on this one button works too.

  • I ended up using a combination of both. I filled out the remaining rules I hadn't already rebuilt by hand using the "new rules based on this one" button, then did some cut/paste and find/replacing in config backups to fill out opt2-4.

    Thanks again to you both.

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