WAN latency on high bandwidth usage

  • I am plagued with high latency, packet drops and ping times on my WAN if the usage goes over 10Mbps. Have Intel Gigabit cards. Have changed the WAN port with different Intel Gigabit cards with similar results.
    After numerous calls to ISP.. they now have moved me to different subnet which is pretty much empty and I have all the bandwidth. Still the issues continues.

    Have Squid (null), Dansguardian (clamd) & Snort on my v2.0.3 box. It's an i5 3.3Ghz based system with 16GB RAM. I had exactly the same issue with VMware so its I know it can't be a driver issue.. now can it? OR is it an ISP issue?

    Simple browsing or light 1-2Mbps video does not affect it. It starts with heavy data usage.. like watching HD videos on Netflix. CPU usage is around 35-40% while watching HD videos. Kinda high for an i5 system as it should be a walk in the park for it.

  • I would do the following:

    Check your WAN interface for speed and or duplex negotiation issues.
    Remove all packages
    Reinstall pfsense without packages / test before and after each package installation.

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    Remove all packages

    I'd start with removing snort. Should be enough.

  • Ive been having similar issues, but i used to be fine.  Isp says its fine on their end but im not convinced.  Once usage goes up ping times go from 8-12 to 120 or higher, and packet loss can exceed 20%?  ive tried shutting down snort and all service but no solution.  Have you had any sucess solving this?

  • My service is Verizon FIOS at home.
    I noticed that thats the case with them.  No matter the router I'm running, no matter the NIC type FIOS latency turns to mush when its got lots of connections open or when its dealing lots of bandwidth.  Although, never any actual packet loss.

    I have always blamed their stupid coax MOCA adapter they put between the Optical Fiber ONT and the crappy actiontech routers they stick customers with.  Even if you disable the actiontech and grab the public IP with pfsense, you still have a COAX MOCA connection and I think that causes tons latency.

    Fiber to the wall then coax/MOCA last six inches….  So close and yet so stupid...

    Could also be the way they implement bandwidth limiters.

    Anyway, it is always reliable but latency can get stupid for an "Optical Fiber" connection.

  • If it's xDSL, it's normal as well. (DSL is horrible to begin with, latency wise, and then you start using it….)

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