Interrupt storm detected on "irq19:"; throttling interrupt source

  • I am trying to install pFsense 2.0.3 on the following machine and constantly getting "interrupt storm detected on "irq19:"; throttling interrupt source"

    It works fine with pFsense 1.3 but the newer version just wont go.

    Intel i5-3470 3.2 GHz Processor,
    Gigabyte H77-DS3H Motherboard,
    500 GB HDD SATA

  • Does the motherboard have USB3 devices? If so, try disablng them in the BIOS.

    OR you could try a pfSense 2.1 snapshot - they have much more up to date device drivers than those used in pfSense 2.0.3.

  • Well yes USB 3.0 is there… I'll try that. Also I am downloading Snapshot 2.1

    But is there any other workaround?

  • @asifrajan:

    But is there any other workaround?

    How many workarounds do you need?  :)

    There is no support for USB3 in any pfSense build (yet).

  • :)

    I just wanted to have number of options to try. Actually I need considerable evidence as the machine is now working on 1.2.3. But I want to upgrade it to the newer version.

    I'll try and definitely post back here.


  • I'm not sure what is on this board, but in its BIOS settings:

    If its got an option to use IDE mode in BIOS, I'd turn that on.
    If it has SATA3 and you can turn that off and use SATA II or I, I'd do that.
    I'd disable USB3.
    I'd turn off anything mentioning RAID.
    I would turn off "Plug and play OS".

    If none of this works for you, like he said above, maybe try 2.1

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