Can not connect to my local network via Mobile ipsec

  • ipsec configured right like in this manual
    After connection to PFSense IPSec on WAN interface I can ping my local interface and I can ping  mobile device from local network, but can't ping other local network address.
    FW Rules:

    UDP * * * 500 (ISAKMP) * none    
    UDP * * * 4500 (IPsec NAT-T) * none

    • LAN net * * * * none
    > * * * * * * none
    What I do wrong? :)

  • Are you using manual outbound NAT?

    Would it be a big deal to paste your phase 1, phase 2, any firewall rules you have set up for LAN, and your manual outbound NAT page.

    It would probably go alot faster then.

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