Problems setting up native IPv6 on German Provider QSC

  • Hello,

    we are trying to setup a static native IPv6 connection at German business provider QSC behind their router.


    We have been allocated a /48 Global Unicast Prefix. Let's say it is 2001:1a80:1234::/48 which can be used in /64 segments.

    The QSC router gateway is 2001:1a80:1234::1/64  (Link Local fe80::1).

    pfSense WAN

    We assigned a static IPv6 on our pfsense WAN of 2001:1a80:1234::2/64.

    This works fine, we can ping the pfsense WAN from the outside and we can ping via IPv6 from the WAN interface to hosts like

    pfSense LAN

    We assigned 2001:1a80:1234::3/64 to the pfsense LAN.

    We can ping the pfsense WAN ip of 2001:1a80:1234::2 and vice versa.

    But we can not ping other hosts like from the LAN.

    We have not yet tried to assign DHCPv6 addresses to hosts in the pfsense LAN as we first want to have connectivity right between LAN and WAN of the pfsense.

    Is there anybody that can help?

    • Do we need to set a special route?
    • Do we need to assign a gateway for the LAN interface? We tried the WAN interface (2001:1a80:1234::2) with no luck

    Thanks in advance

  • Hi,

    I think the WAN and LAN subnets should be different.
    Try a /50 or so on WAN and use /64s on your internal subnets…

    It also common that on the WAN side completely different transport subnets are used...
    Contact QSC for that...

  • Banned

    Your LAN is plain wrong. Please, read the following to get some grasp of IPv6 subnetting.

    IPv6 Subnetting - Overview and Case Study

  • We are in talks with QSC. They will setup correct Prefix Delegation, so that we hopefully have autoconfiguration pwith pfsense.

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