Multi Wan and Lan Subnet Routing

  • I am new to PfSense and I have run into a problem I cannot seem to wrap my head around.  I am sure it's easy I just can't seem to grasp how to do it.

    My Configuration is as follows.

    Using a SuperMicro D525 4GB RAM 1U box with 2 onboard Intel nics and 1 4 port Intel Card installed (6 nics total) with a 160GB WD Black Series Notebook Hard Drive

    Wan = Comcast (Single Static Public IP)
    Lan =
    Lan2 (Opt1) =
    Lan3 (Opt2) =
    DSL (Opt3) = DSL Provider (Single Static Public IP)
    Unused (Opt4) = Not Assigned to anything (No cable hooked to the nic)

    I am on the current release version 2.0.3 AMD64 (64 bit)

    Here is what I want to do.

    I want the WAN (Comcast) to service Lan2 and Lan3 (Inbound and Outbound) (working right now fine, but also the Lan (192.168.5.x) is included in this which is what I am trying to stop)
    I want the DSL (Opt3) to service Lan (192.168.5.x) (Inbound and Outbound)

    WAN (Comcast) is set as the default for internet under the gateways so all 3 Lan subnets see it as the primary internet

    I want to stress there isn't anything broken here and the system is in a production environment.  I am just trying to route the DSL to the LAN (192.168.5.x) subnet  or conversely only let the Lan ( use the DSL and not let that subnet go in/out the Comcast.

    Is this doable, or am I thinking wrong on how I want to do this?

    Thanks in advance

  • You need to group/alias your LAN, LAN2, LAN3 and use gateway.



  • I know how to do that, but that doesn't solve the problem.

    I do have a solution that I should have thought of before when I was looking at this but I was apparently trying to do this the hard way (got to quit over thinking the problem).

    Easy fix was to take and shut off access to the Comcast Wan by turning off the outbound rule for the Subnet (192.168.5.x) thus forcing everything on that Subnet to use the DSL Wan to go out.  Since that is a diagnostic Subnet I don't care about the speed of the connection in or out.

    Thanks for the reply


  • You can do this also by changing the gateway in the Firewall->Rules->Edit.  There is an advanced section at the bottom of the edit page.  Click on the Advanced button next to Gateway.  Choose the gateway for the particular LAN you are editing.

    In your case you'd edit the page and select Opt3 as the Gateway.  That's it.

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