Pfsense booting problem

  • Hi guys! need some help here.

    My pfsense box was working perfectly for the past 3 months. Then suddenly I lost internet connectivity and I cannot ping my pfsense IP (
    when I attached a monitor in my pfsense CPU here's what is displayed. Tried rebooting the CPU but still I get the same result.

    Any Ideas? Thanks in advance

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  • I suspect your kernel file has been corrupted. Kernel your system crashed and left the file system damaged. Perhaps your hard drive has developed a bad spot in a "significant" area.

    You have backed up your configuration recently, haven't you?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I second the "bad drive" diagnosis - though it could be RAM, power, heat, etc.

    If it always crashes in the exact same place every single time, it's probably the HDD.

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