Does PF should update to freebsd 8.4 or 9.1?

  • Does PF should update to freebsd 8.4 or 9.1?  I think freebsd 8.3 version so old.  :)

  • pfSense's pf includes many improvements which aren't present in stock FreeBSD 8.3 pf (check ).

    The new pfSense v2.2 will be based on FreeBSD 10 which includes an improved pf (although it's still based on pre-OpenBSD 4.7 pf code) – I guess the FreeBSD folks should rename it to something like fpf (FreeBSD PF) to avoid confusion ...

  • pfsense 2.1 with FreeBSD 8.3 is short before release so there is probably no major change on pfsense anymore.

    On another thread I read that the developers focus on FreeBSD 10 on pfsense 2.2. But I am not sure if this is really the plan the devs have.

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    8.3 was released in April of 2012, not sure I would use the "so" in front of your old statement ;)

  • ;D  8.3 it is so old. freebsd Officials have not supported.

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    what do you mean they don't support it - per the nice graph you can see that 8.3 is clearly still a supported branch.. From here you get an exact date much easier

    Supported FreeBSD releases

    The current designation and estimated lifetimes of the currently supported branches are given below. The Estimated EoL (end-of-life) column gives the earliest date on which that branch is likely to be dropped. Please note that these dates may be extended into the future, but only extenuating circumstances would lead to a branch's support being dropped earlier than the date listed.

    Branch Release Type Release Date Estimated EoL
    RELENG_8 n/a n/a n/a last release + 2 years
    RELENG_8_4 8.4-RELEASE Extended June 9, 2013 June 30, 2015
    RELENG_8_3 8.3-RELEASE Extended April 18, 2012 April 30, 2014
    RELENG_9 n/a n/a n/a last release + 2 years
    RELENG_9_1 9.1-RELEASE Extended December 30, 2012 December 31, 2014

    Older releases are not maintained and users are strongly encouraged to upgrade to one of the supported releases mentioned above. A list of unsupported releases can be found here.

  • Why PF Developer Edition version built on the so old freebsd version ?  ::)

  • Perhaps you should tell the guys at Freebsd to delay release of their version until they have given the Pfsense team a few months or a year to base a Pfsense release on it?  Then Pfsense major releases and FreeBSD major release could match exactly?

    Your question shows a childlike lack of understanding of how this HAS to happen.

    oh… I forgot my  ::)

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    Upgrading to a new underlying OS version is not simple.

    We can't just swap it out. We'd also have to update all of our patches, do tons of testing, fix any bugs we find in the newer version, etc, etc.

    FreeBSD's support of the branch is irrelevant to us - that only means they don't supply security patches for it. We patch as needed if it's outside of the supported timeframe. We've done that for a while with 8.1

    We tried to use FreeBSD 9.0 for 2.1, but it was not stable. We wanted to spend more time on our own code than debugging FreeBSD, so we went with FreeBSD 8.3, and it's been good.

    pfSense 2.2 will use FreeBSD 10.x, so the next version won't be quite so far "behind" but really for most people the underlying OS does not matter at all, aside from hardware support.

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    aside from hardware support.

    Not an insignificant aside perhaps.  ;)
    Though some drivers were backported for 8.1 to allow newer hardware to run.


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