Limited Bandwidth Speed from my OPT1 (Dual WAN Set-Up)

  • I have a dedicated pfSense Box with these following specs:

    AMD Sempron 3000+ (1.6Ghz)
    4 Gigabyte of RAM
    80 GB Hard Drive
    1 Onboard NIC - LAN(nfe0)
    2 D-Link PCI NICs - WAN(vr0) & OPT1(vr1)
    2 ISP having the same speed of 2mbps.

    I don't have any problems with regards to my WAN bandwidth speed.
    However, I'm wondering why I only get a max download speed bandwidth of 200kbps (0.2mbps) from my OPT1 (2mbps)?
    I've tried switching interfaces but still I got the same result (on the same ISP). But whenever I plugged my computer directly to the router, I am getting the real bandwidth.

    Any thoughts about this? Btw, I don't have any packages installed nor any modifications. Just firewall rules under LAN interface to route some ports to WAN and OPT1. TIA!

  • The 2mbps you mentioned is it [Mbps or MBps]!? both are different!

    Mbps = Megabits Per second
    MBps = Megabyte Per second

    2Mbps = 250 KBps
    2MBps = 2048 KBps

    AFAIK you're getting the right speed!  :)

  • Ops! Sorry for the confusion.
    I was dealing too much of that KBps/Kbps & MBps/Mbps  :o

    I am referring to 2 MBps and I am only getting 200 KBps (2 Mbps / 20 KBps) download speed.
    And now, I found out that there's a notification coming from my box saying the NIC MAC Address was altered for some reasons.
    Is it a hardware problem?

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