DansGuardian "Access has been denied" Page doesn't show if https site is blocked

  • If a http site is blocked a user receives the "Access has been denied" webpage with the reason why etc.
    But if it is a https site the user only gets a generic "This page cannot be displayed".

    How can I get Dansguardian to save its Access is denied page for both?

  • You can't easily.

  • So no easy way. How hard is the hard way?

  • With ssl interception because proxy need to be in the middle of the connection to pass a access denied error.

  • I had wondered if it would be possible to build a https site with SSL and wrap it into the package so that when people get blocked it can divert them to a SSL/HTTPS blocking notification page.  The cert wouldn't match the website typed into the browser originally so it would react like most browsers react to a self signed cert but it wouldn't be just "error - sorry" message.

    Just an idea.  I know little about how you packages are constructed, no idea how tough this is.  HTTPS is designed to keep people from being the "Man in the middle", so I feel your pain.

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