Zabbix agent no connection to Zabbix Server

  • Hello,

    I'm have problems to connect my Zabbix agent in pfSense-2.0.3 to mijn Zabbix Server. Packaged install via webinterface.

    In this example (test setup):
    Zabbix Server:
    Hostname: testing
    LAN ip:

    pfSense host with Zabbix agent:
    Hostname: blahblah
    LAN ip:
    WAN ip:
    SNMP is enabled in pfSense
    Zabbix-2 agent settings in web gui
    Server: testing
    Server Active: testing:10050
    Hostname: blahblah
    Listen IP:
    Listen Port: 10050
    Refresh Active Checks: 120
    Timeout: 3
    Buffer Send: 5
    Buffer Size: 100
    Start Agents: 3

    In de webinterface of Zabbix Server I added a host with the same name as the hostname in the Zabbix-2 agent settings. I also linked the pfSense template and SNMP.

    Now the question. In the Zabbix Server I have a connection (green box) of SNMP. But for Zabbix I have no connection (red box). I'm a bit lost and I'm not sure now to proceed to solve this problem. Can anyone give me tips so I can solve the problem?

  • Update:

    I missed that the the version of my zabbix server was 1.8.10 I updated it to 2.0.6.


    In "CONFIGURATION OF HOSTS" I added my host with the correct settings and the pfsense template.

    The IPMI availability is green. But the ZABBIX agent Availability is red.

    The settings in pfSense below:

    If I remove the pfsense template and added Template OS FreeBSD.

    Now the the ZABBIX agent Availability is green.

    So I figured adding multiply templates (the pfsense template which collects data via SNMP and template OS FreeBSD which collects data via zabbax agent). But if I do this there is and Error on which I do not get a grip on. Error: Two items ("sysName" and "Host name") cannot populate one host inventory field "Name", this would lead to a conflict.

    How do I fix it?