Where is SPAMD for pfsense 1.0.1

  • HI

    I am a pfSense user for two years. I installed the package SPAMD in pfsense  version 1.0.1, and it works really well.

    I can't understand why has been removed this package from 1.0.1 package list.I would like to know how to install this antispam tool, if the packages is not in the list. I mean a  offline package installation.

    Thanks a lot

  • Hello,

    i'm missing this package too.
    can anyoney tell us where we can find this package again?


  • The package was removed.  It won't be back unless someone wants to do the work to get it up and working with 1.2.  Btw, if you're still running 1.0.1, you need to upgrade to the latest 1.2 snapshots.  You're so far out of date.

  • Hi,

    thanks for your very fast answer.
    Bad to hear this, but I'm hopefully that it will be back sometime because it was a great package.

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