When to add pfsense to the domain?

  • I have currently setup a home lab virtual network using Oracle Virtual Box. I setup a Windows Server 2012 Standard Ed., 2 PCs (Win8, Win7) and a PFsense firewall to separate the virtual lab from my home network. When I configured pfsense i setup the Wan (em0) as DHCP and the Lan (em1) with a static address of and disabled DHCP on the Lan interface so that my server can handle DCHP and DNS roles. Now i believe that setup everything correctly because I am able to get out onto the internet with my Windows Server 2012 but I never added the pfsense machine to the domain. I guess confused as to when do i add the firewall to the domain or why should i have to add the firewall to the domain? When i logged on to the web interface of pfsense and i look at the settings its showing the box as on the local domain. Sorry I guess Im just a little confused. I guess when i configured virtual box it already puts everything on the same internal network and so virtually pfsense is acting as the median between the wan (Home Router) and the Lan Internal virtual network like firewall would. Everything seems fine with my current configuration and I have achieved my goal of separating my virtual private from my home network so it still raises the question as to when would i have to add the pfsense box to the windows server 2012 domain and why?

    Thank you for your assistance.
    Confused Tech loll.

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    Not really sure what you mean by "add to the domain"… If you want to have it reachable as, say... pfsense.example.com, then create a static A/AAAA for it on your Windows DNS server and set up example.com as domain in System - General Setup. That's all.

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    thinking your confusing a domain name like local.lan with your Active Directory domain..  Which might also be called local.lan but not actually the same thing.

    Your pfsense would not ever actually join your windows AD domain, but yes they can share the same name space like pfsense.yourdomain.tld and ws2012.yourdomain.tld, and your windows ad dns could have a record for pfsense.yourdomain.tld in its dns.

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