Routing /30 Subnet from Teksavvy

  • I can't figure out why my setup isn't working… any suggestions would be much appreciated.

    I have a /30 subnet assigned to me by my ISP, Teksavvy. They assigned me x.x.x.88/30 (x.x.x.89 and x.x.x.90 usable). Teksavvy assigns a static IP (separate from the /30 subnet) to the PPPoE connection (on WAN interface) and routes the public subnet through this static IP.

    I assign x.x.x.89 to my LAN interface. No rules on Advanced Outbound NAT for LAN subnet.

    I assign x.x.x.90 to the host connected to the LAN interface via DHCP (gets x.x.x.89 as gateway and dns, and as mask).

    I add a firewall rule on the LAN interface to allow all from LAN subnet to any (wide open for testing purposes).

    I add a firewall rule on the WAN interface to allow all from any to the LAN subnet (again, wide open for testing).

    Problem: my connected host (x.x.x.90) has no internet access, and any services running on the machine are not accessible from the internet at x.x.x.90.

    What have I done wrong?

  • Update: Upgrading to 2.1-RC1 (July 30 build) immediately fixed the problem. My /30 subnet is now routed properly.

    I was tired of starting at firewall and NAT rules looking for a typo, so I thought I'd try upgrading. As soon as the system rebooted from the upgrade, the /30 started routing. I was on 2.0.3 (RELEASE) before the upgrade.

    Not sure if it was the upgrade or reboot that fixed the problem, but not one line of configuration changed.

  • I'm a teksavvy user also but I have their IPv6 service turned up also.  Let me know if you need any screencaps of my config if you go down that road.

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