Open wlan: prevent multi-NIC hosts from getting multiple IP's?

  • I am running an open wlan. Each client is being bandwidth limited (by IP). Some long term user just got a second NIC to get double the bandwidth. I think that is kind of cool/smart but… if the trend continues I might have to do something about it.

    Is there a nice and easy way to handle this kind of "abuse"?
    Manually banning mac's comes to my mind - It's tedious though and can easily be worked around with spoofing.
    Can DHCP be configured to only hand out one IP per host?

    pfSense is in control of the DHCP leases BTW.


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    Can DHCP be configured to only hand out one IP per host?

    Hum…. Host == MAC address. :)

  • I think I know what you are trying to say: that for DHCP there is just no way to determine if two NIC's belong to the same host because, since MAC addresses is all that DHCP cares about, for DHCP a MAC address is equivalent to a host. Right?

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    Yeah, exactly… A rather heavy approach would be setting up static DHCP leases for everything and configuring the static ARP for everything as well. However, that could be usable in enterprise environment, not with
    open wlan, I'm afraid.

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