Added Static Routes, but still no go!

  • Have a look at the screens below. I have added the DNS servers through the static routes in pfSense. The servers to the 3rd WAN link work well (from the State of the Routes) but there is a duplicated route for the 1st and 2nd WAN ports. Why is it so? Can someone please give me a few pointers?

    Also, the whole link still goes down if the 1st WAN port looses the internet connection. Not so in the case of the 2nd or 3rd link going down! Any help will be appreciated.

  • what are your dns entries? do you have the option active that dhcp-entries can override your manual entries?

  • DNS Entries:

    WAN1 - &
    WAN2 - &
    WAN3 - &

    I had the DHCP-entries to override my manual enteries (now rectified). I will check it and get back to you. Thanks.

  • I have removed the DHCP-DNS servers overriding my manual entries but the problem is still there. I have removed one WAN link (OPT2) to test the failover between the WAN and WAN1 (OPT1) and it works. So I presume I have a problem with the load balancing pool setup. Can anyone please give me a few pointers as to  where am I screwing up?

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