PfBlocker question

  • From the pfBlocker GUI:

    "While creating rules with this list, keep aliasname in the beggining of rule description and do not end description with 'rule'.
    custom rules with 'Aliasname something rule' description will be removed by package."

    Would that aliasname be the alias from the "global" Alias list (eg "pfBlockerGivenAlias") or the aliasname given in the pfBlocker GUI (eg "GivenAllias")?

    Also, this is a very strange thing. Explain why it is necessary to have the aliasname in the description please. For automatic removal of rules using AliasOnly lists?

  • Banned

    I do not think the comment is relevant any more. I certainly do not have aliasname (in neither form) in the rules description, works just fine. (Talking about "Alias only" lists.)

  • Looks like the pfBlocker widget uses the description for matching packet stats,, if the rule does not contain the aliasname matching packets will not add to the widget counters.

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