Forwarding a port with a destination of pfsense IP

  • Hello

    I have a WAN, LAN, DMZ interfaces,  I am out of ips so I cant set up a virtual ip to achieve this, so i thought I would use my pfsenses DMZ interface address to forward some ports.

    pfsense DMZ ip is 202.XX.XX.50 and i want to redirect all port 80 traffic to 202.xx.xx.51 port 7000 I cant seem to figure out how to do this, I can see how you do it with the port forward page but it wants a virtual ip, but as its not a virtual ip I cant configure it.

    Am I looking in the right place ? or is this even possible ?

  • any one have any clues ?

  • just do an nat (portforwarding) from some port to another … some ip to another ...

  • Hello I have tried that but doesnt seem to be working

    see my picture for how its setup in the port forward page

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